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The mark scheme…

28 Nov

The mark scheme for your coursework:

For your pieces:

For your commentaries:


A reminder…

27 Nov

From the specification:


Mode of Assessment

Assessment will be by the production of a coursework folder. The work will be assessed by the candidate’s teacher and then externally moderated by AQA. The folder will contain:

two pieces of writing


two  accompanying commentaries, and should conform to the following:

 • the total length of the two pieces of writing should be between 1500 and 2500 words

 • the total length of the two commentaries should be 1000 words

• the two pieces of writing should be differentiated in terms of primary purpose, audience and genre.

In addition they should include:

 • explicitly referenced sources (paper and webbased)

 • annotated style model(s) and evidence of early planning / preparation.

 The writing folder will be worth a maximum of 50 marks.

 The commentaries will be worth a maximum of 30 marks.

 The maximum total mark for this unit is 80.

Coursework – Checklist (repost)

27 Nov

I almost forgot! Your checklist, should you loose the hard copy!


and here

English Language AS Coursework checklist (revised 1012)

Coursework proposal sheet

8 Nov


Your proposal sheet can be found here:

AS English Language Coursework Proposal Sheet

and here:

QR code coming soon

Coursework inspiration – David Mitchell’s Soap Box

8 Nov

Somewhere between a vlog and an editorial…


Coursework Inspiration – other ideas…

7 Nov

The ” For Dummies… ” books:

Coursework Inspiration – Recipes

7 Nov

Mrs Beeton

Jamie Oliver

Nigella Lawson

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall


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