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How to Harvard reference for your bibliography:

27 Feb

You should list the resources you have used like this in your bibliography:

For books, record:

  •  The author’s or editor’s name (or names)
  • The year the book was published
  • The title of the book
  • If it is an edition other than the first
  • The city the book was published in
  • The name of the publisher

E.g. Deary T, (1999), Horrible Histories – Savage Stoneage, 2008 ed., London, Scholastic


For journal articles (and magazines or newspapers) record:

  •  The author’s name or names
  • The year in which the journal was published
  • The title of the article
  • The title of the journal
  • The page number/s of the article in the journal
  • As much other information as you can find about the journal, for example the volume and issue numbers

 E.g  Lynskey D, (2014), Wes World, Empire, pg 112 to 118, issue number 297 March 2014


For electronic resources, try to collect the information on the above if it is available, but also record:

  •  The date you accessed the source
  • The electronic address or email
  • The type of electronic resource (email, discussion forum, WWW page, etc)


E.g (website)  Black G, (2014) Mrs Black’s Language, date accessed: 23/11/2013,, teaching blog.


E.g (Youtube vid) ‘Vlogbrothers’ Green J, (2014) 18 Great Books You Probably Haven’t Read, date accessed: 27/02/2014,, YouTube vlog.


 E.g (Social Media) ‘GeorgeEBlack’ Black G, 2014 Tweet: Crazy Advertising, date accessed: 27/02/2014, Tweet.

(Twitter addresses’ can be accessed by pressing the details button on an individual tweet).


Hope that helps

Mrs B

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