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Year 12 – Easter Revision – Frameworks

6 Mar

This should keep you busy…

Year 12 lang frame tttBlooms Taxonomy Questions How_To_Mind_Map1 how-to-mind-map-by-paul-foreman-1000px Target frameworks

Traffic light

Year 12 lang frame ttt

Year 12 lang frame ttt


Year 12 – Semantics – Hypernym, hyponym, synonym, antonym

11 Oct


Year 12 – Semantics – Cliches and Idioms

11 Oct

i1 i2 i3 i4 i5 i6 i7

Caitlin Moran – Forget beautiful people

Charlie Brooker – snow


ENB1 – Idioms and Collocation

Year 12 – Lexis and Semantics

18 Sep

Some things from class…

Working with the lexical framework

Writing for Different Audiences2


Word Origins


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